The Robinson Crusoe 389 project was initiated in September 1994 with the motto "Books Along the Walls". Since then, although it has existed within and operated according to the rules of the wider business environment, the bookshop has functioned as a private foundation prioritizing hard work and commitment.

Robinson Crusoe 389 has since then perhaps become –just like the Markiz patisserie, or the Emek Movie Theater– a response to the question "What is a cultural asset?" or the kind of place you miss when it is gone. Robinson Crusoe 389 has evolved into an establishment, which cannot be explained only via the ownership of its partners.

In recent years, Beyoğlu has witnessed relentless construction and transformation, with rents and other expenses skyrocketing. In the face of the ensuing cash shortage, Robinson Crusoe 389 has now organized a sales campaign with the slogan "Pay now, buy later".

For this campaign, RobKarts have been issued for the amounts of 500 and 1000 Turkish Liras. In addition to these fixed-amount cards, cardholders can also determine the amount they would like to pre-pay themselves –with 50 Turkish Liras the minimum limit. Please note that by using RobKart you will not only be protecting the future of the book but also the future of a cultural asset.
ROBKART                TL

- RobKart is an identity card designed to facilitate communication and valid at Robinson Crusoe 389 Bookstores, Gon Comics, and
- RobKart holders can use the prepaid balance on their card and take advantage of existing promotions. Assistance by phone or e-mail will be provided for any inquiries such as limit check, recharging credit, gift card purchases, new card requests, reporting lost card etc.
- RobKart will keep you informed about special campaigns and privileges, and give priority in every activity.

- You may get your RobKart by either calling us or filling out a form at Robinson Crusoe 389 Bookstore and Gon Comics.
- You may also purchase your RobKart from
- RobKart is also available as a gift.
- Once the payment is complete, your RobKart will be active and ready to use.
- If you want to use your RobKart at, you should specify your payment preferance during application or later.

- You can use your RobKart as a direct payment method by presenting your card at the Robinson Crusoe 389 bookstores located inside Salt Beyoğlu, Istiklal Street 136 4th Floor, inside Salt Galata, Bankalar Street 11 and Gon Comics.
- Special discounts for RobKart owners will be applied and total amount will be withdrawn from your account and invoice will be issued for the transaction.
- If you don't have enough limit on your card; you can either recharge your RobKart or use other payment methods for the difference.
- While using your RobKart for online purchases at, you should choose RobKart as the payment method. Once you place the order, the balance on your card will be checked and if available, your order will be approved.